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Spring & Summer concerts

I'm very happy to be playing a few concerts this spring and summer with the Lasse Mørck Quartet.

Beginning in April we play a concert on the 17th at the famous Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen, after which we'll visit the beautiful Danish island Bornholm, playing at Muzikhuset, Rønne on the 22nd. On the 18th of June we're back in Copenhagen at the Islands Brygge Kulturhus and then finally we'll feature on the Copenhagen Jazz Festival at Jazzcup on the 10th of July. Hope to see you there!


I'm in the news!

After the winning ceremony last friday where I won the Young Jazz Composer 2018 competition, the national danish news channel interviewed me, and made this reportage of the event.


I won the Young Jazz Composer's competition!

This is very surreal.. On the 19th of January, I was declared the winner of this years "Årets Unge Jazzkomponist" competition. The evening concert was performed by the amazing DR Big Band which was conducted by Nikolai Bøgelund. He had also done an amazing big band arrangement of my winning composition "Tezcatlipoca".

You can read about it right here.

Up above is a picture of me with the two other amazing finalists Artur Tuznik and Jens Mikkel Madsen, the very deserved winner of the Leo Mathiesen Prisen 2018 Daimi, and the vice chairman of DPA Jørgen Thorup.

Photo by Kim Vadskær.


Jazznyt Prisen 2017 & DPA New Jazz Name 2018

It's with great great joy, that I can announce that I'm the lucky receiver of Jazznyt Prisen 2017 for my debut album: "Imagining Places I've Never Been".

AND, on top of that, I'm also very very happy to announce that for the second year in a row (and three in total) I will participate as a finalist in DPA's Young Jazz Composer 2018 Competition. The show will take place the 19th of January in DR byen, Copenhagen, together with the incredible DR Bigband. Tickets can be bought here.


More mentions

Since my last update, my new (although not so new anymore) album has gotten several mentions. To name a few, it got a 4-star review in Berlingske (danish newspaper), it got featured in the spanish Tomajazz Podcast, it was well recieved by Tor Hammerø and Salt Peanuts. It even had a brief stint in the top 5 of the Top 200 Jazz list on Itunes i Mexico!

Apart from that I've had so much positive response coming from all sides, and for that I am very grateful!


First review & "Album of the Week"

The first review of my new album has come in! It's written by danish jazz blogger Niels Overgaard, and can be read right here.

I am also very happy to have my album selected as "Album of the Week" at the Danish Radio P8 Jazz channel.



Now I have a webshop! Yes!

It is not only possible to buy the brand new vinyl in real physical form, BUT you can also buy a T-shirt* with the awesome drawing by Asmus Helms.

*Note: the sombrero isn’t included.

Check it out right here.


Debut Album Out Now!

I picked up my new debut album "Imagining Places I've Never Been" in the porsche, and it is now available on YOUR favorite digital service!

Check it out right here here.

A shout-out to Cactus for great modeling work.


Release Concert 4th of July

In order to celebrate the release of our coming album, we will play a concert in Copenhagen at Mellemrummet (Ravnsborggade 11, 2200) at 20:00.

Entrance: 50 kr OR Entrance + vinyl: 150 kr. I hope to see a lot of people there!

You can go to the facebook event here.


Debut Album Release Date

I am tremendously excited to announce that my debut album "Imagining Places I've Never Been" will be released on all digital platforms as well as on vinyl on the 30th of June 2017.

You can pre-listen to one of the tracks right here.


A Master Degree in Music

According to the danish educational system, apparently I will soon be a "master" of music (I'm not sure if I agree with that).

The 21st of June I will play my final exam concert at the Rhytmical Music Conservatory (RMC) in Copenhagen at 21:20. I will present my master project entitled "A Musical Interpretation of the Aztec's Creation Myth".

You can find more info about the event by clicking here.

Or you can listen to one of the compositions from the master project, by clicking right here.


Debut Album Coming Up

I am thrilled to announce that my debut album "Imagining Places I've Never Been" will be released on vinyl and all digital platforms. It will be out at the end of June.

The final date will soon be announced.


Lasse Mørck Concerts

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