I started this project in 2015. Previously I have been playing a lot in more traditional jazzcombos, most of the time including either piano or guitar. So for this project, I wanted to challenge myself and assemble an ensemble without any chord-playing instruments. This has forced me to think more in voiceleading than in traditional chordstructures, which makes me thoroughly think about every note that I write. I really think it is much easier to be creative with some kind of framework, than with too much freedom. Then if one feels like it, one can always break the rules anyway, but to have them there in the first place, can be a real asset.

Not having a harmony instrument also makes the band sound very transparent, since there is a lot less notes flying around, which in turn means less stepping on toes. Moreover this makes the musical ideas stronger, both those written down and those improvised. This also adds even more responsibility to every musician in the band and you can’t really hide behind anyone else. For all these reasons I really enjoy working with this band.

The 30th of June 2017 I released my debut album as bandleader with this very band: "Imagining Places I've Never Been". The album consists of 8 songs, each with a different imaginary place or cultural reference in mind. You can listen to it here.


This is a sextet I put together for my final master's project at the music conservatory. I have for a long time been very interested in Latin American history, culture and music, and I wanted to combine this interest with the inspiration I had already gathered from living in Mexico. I ended up deciding to use the Aztec mythology as the basis for the project, and found their creation myth ("the fifth sun") to be extremely interesting.

The band includes >Jesper Løvdal & Snorre Kirk, who are both part of my quartet, and with whom I have already played many years. Jesper is a very versatile musician and I really wanted to draw upon his expertise in a multitude of reeds. Snorre is immensely knowledgeable when it comes to music in general and he and I have sort of approached latin music in the sammer: starting with an interest in jazz that ultimately led to a huge interest in latin american music. So he's an incredibly asset in any project. Jakob Sørensen I met when he beat me at the Young Jazz Composer Competition 2017 (which I fortunately won the year after), and immediatly took a liking to his down-to-earth persona and humble approach to music. His naturally big and beautiful trumpet sound I found to fit perfectly into this project.

I have had a secret love affair with the spanish guitar for many years, so I really wanted to include that instrument into this setting. I was recommended a guy called Raphael Gimenes. A brazilian guitarist and vocalist who lived in Copenhagen. When I got him into the project, it seemed like everything fell into place. His north-brazilian approach to harmony & rhytm, blew me away, and made all my musical ideas sound so much better. So from then on I worked hard on writing the suite which ended up consisting of 6 parts, lasting approximately 40 minutes in total.

After a while I found that the project could really use a more complex rhytmical/percussive aspect, and so I contacted Yohanier Ramón, a cuban percussionist who also lived in Copenhagen. His colourful and energetic playing immediatly made the project fly. The Aztec Creation Myth Suite is to be recorded in May, and will most likely be released in November 2018. I am very thrilled to have assembled this project, and I am working hard to get the music out. Stay tuned!


This is a new vocal/bass duo consisting of Marie Mørck and I. Marie is a young and very talented jazzsinger with a very personal approach to scat-singing. She possess a true ability for drawing people into the music with her warm and sincere voice. Together we explore the possibilities of our instruments, and how we can turn the limits we're facing into good music. Even though we share last name, we're actually not related (it's a question we get asked a lot).

We have a few videos on youtube.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me right here.

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