Since I began my musical voyage, I have been extremely fortunate to play with and to learn from a wide variety of brilliant musicians and human beings. For this I am truly very grateful. On this page I will describe a few of these projects, that I am currently working with. For more info on any of the bands, please go to the webpages linked at each profile.


I got to know Snorre shortly after I had moved to Copenhagen. He gave me the chance to play with him and Magnus Hjorth, even though I at this point musically was light years behind them. Since 2011 I have been the bassplayer in his band, traveling many places around the world and releasing two albums (Europa 2015, Drummer & Composer 2017). As composer, as well as a drummer, Snorre is very a very thorough and unselfish human being. His music and his drumming is very warm and identifiable, and it really is very inspiring to be a member of his band.

For more info on Snorre, you can visit his website right here.


I got to know Magnus through Snorre in 2010. We started rehearsing together and I got to play some concerts with them once in a while. In 2011 I became a part of his trio. Magnus compositions and arrangements usually sound very elegant & easy-to-play, but in fact they are always full of difficulties, including changes in time meters, odd forms and key-changes. There is no hiding in this band, and I have really matured by playing his music. He's a virtuous & very versatile pianist, and it's a privelege to be part of his trio. Our latest album is Blue Interval from 2014.

For more info about this project, visit Magnus website here.


Mette and I studied together at Skurups Folkhögskola in Sweden and we have been working together ever since. She’s based in Berlin and is not only a naturally gifted jazzsinger, but also extremely talented at many other styles. Her voice has that old school warmth & purity to it, and it’s simply a real pleasure to work with her. Her debut album is on its way and is to be released 2017.

If you want to know more, you can click right here.


I've known Sidsel for some years now, accompanying her on various occasions not only in Denmark, but also throughout Germany, Taiwan and Japan. She’s currently one of the greatest jazz divas on danish soil, and its simply a great joy to be part of her group.

You can visit Sidsel's webpage here.

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